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Shop here for the best variety of Ostrich feathers for sale in several styles, sizes and over 34 stock colors! Buy our Ostrich Drabs, Spads, Femina, Floss, Nandus and discounted damaged feathers in bulk by the pound or by the dozen. Ostrich Nandu feathers will ranging size from 18-24” tall. These feathers have soft flowing hairs extending from the center of the quill that have been trimmed, resulting in a narrow pointed feather approximately 2-4” wide across the body. Ostrich Nandus can be used for showgirl headdresses, large feather fans and carnival costumes.Ostrich feathers are very popular in the special event Industry as a staple item for centerpieces. Ostrich Nandu feathers can be used for special event decorating in floral bouquets, centerpieces and feather palm trees. You're only limited by your imagination. Custom color dyeing and tipping is also available.